Bronde: The Hair Colour Trend That Women Prefer Today

Friday 8 January 2016, 1:44PM
By Salon E


Many women go for the rainbow and ash grey hair trend, but another colour is becoming a hit among the salon regulars. Bronde—the combination of brown and blonde—is the hair colour that many are trying out this year. Sporting this sun-kissed, gold-brushed chestnut brown colour hybrid is the new thing on the streets and at parties. From fashion icons to celebrities, women are sharing the beauty of their newly coloured hairdo on social media sites like Instagram.

Hair colouring has always been popular among women, and they keep trying new colours to make their locks stand out and reflect their personality. Some prefer striking colours such as orange and red, while others go for subtle shades like dark brown.

To achieve the most suitable colour for the skin and face, Salon E noted that it is best to let professionals handle the job. It may be cost-effective to do the colouring at home, but the results differ significantly. This is especially true for women who want to colour their hair many shades, achieving an ombre, dip dye or balayage look.

About Salon E

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The Christchurch-based hairdressing salon offers a selection of services, such as hair colouring, styling, Keratin and conditioning treatment, and permanent waves. They use only Schwarzkopf Professional haircare products to help clients create, enhance and maintain the long-lasting beauty of their hair. Other products they have in stock are Moroccan Oil treatment and styling, Toppik and Essensity.

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