Innovation Idea Sets Shorter Time for Cows, People in Milking Sheds

Friday 8 January 2016, 7:16PM
By W.D. Davenport & Co. Ltd


In a few years’ time, farmers and their cows may spend less time on milking activities inside the shed, thanks to a Massey University third-year vet student and his award-winning invention.

He may not have won the top award for it, but nonetheless, Corey Regnerus is excited to take his idea, Milk E-Z, out to the public. His concept came second in Manawatu's Innovate 2015 contest, next to a revolutionary wheelchair, but he bagged the Massey People's Choice and the Entrepreneurs award.

The Milk E-Z invention uses existing milking cups and aims to increase milk production while reducing the time in the dairy shed for people and cows. This is the overview of the concept and no other details are available for disclosure as Regnerus is working for a patent on his design.

In general, his design fits each set of cups attached to cows for pulsating. As the milk flows through the cups, it will go into the pipes and then to the milk vat, where the milk chills and stays there for the tanker to collect.

This will not cost additional expenses for dairy shed builders, though. Regnerus said, “It (Milk E-Z) is an adaptation for existing milking sheds.” His idea effectively works as it collects all the cow’s milk, which puts more milk in the vat, earning a nod from the Innovate 2015 judges and dairy farmers.

Resorting to building solutions is suitable for increasing milk production. But, with the Milk E-Z concept, farmers can achieve higher milk production without spending much on having another milking shed for additional cows.

But, while Regnerus’s idea is still in the process, it is not necessarily a bad idea to build additional dairy sheds for the meantime. Building companies, such as W.D. Davenport & Co. Ltd, provide a design-and-build service to meet the milking shed construction or renovation needs of all local farmers.

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