A Flamin good Steak A Flamin good Steak CREDIT: MegaTest

A Flamin good start to 2016

Saturday 9 January 2016, 5:40PM
By MegaTest

Looking for something different for dinner? Well Jagger & Co Restaurant & Bar, in Kaiapoi, Canterbury has something Flamin different to tempt your taste buds.

Talking to the Co-Owner and Manager Kevin, he says ‘this is something we have done before but this time we have done it with a twist, we now offer a Flamin Apricot Chicken, Flamin Apple Sours Pork and Flamin Sav Blanc Prawn and of course the original Flamin Bourbon Steak’ ‘They are fast becoming Flamin Famous’ he continued.

The launch of these dishes on our face book page has been incredible and the bookings at the restaurant are steady increasing.

Check it out at Ph 03 327 3491

Just another great idea from The Hospo Guy