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Public Brainwashed During TV One's Weather Report on Jan 8th, 2016 CREDIT: TV One News, Jan 8, 2015

Public Brainwashed During TV One Weather Report
Saturday 9 January 2016, 8:34PM
By Clare Swinney

During the 6pm News on Friday, January the 8th, 2016 on TV One, weather presenter, Renee Wright referred to an image of Christchurch with a sky crammed full of aerosol trails (aka chemtrails) and she said: “That’s a nice sight, isn’t it.”  …As if she doesn’t have good enough eyesight to recognize aerosol trails when she sees them…watch the video:

Our weather is being engineered and these aerosol trails provide us with more evidence of this crime, a crime which, in part, is aimed at winning support for the “climate change” agenda, and  Agenda 21

Evidence shows that there is a connection between the trails and our severe weather and our mainstream media’s weather presenters are attempting to conceal what to many is readily apparent.

TV One news and TV3 weather presenters, like so many other controlled mainstream media puppets, are complicit in the crime of chemtrails/geoengineering. They are taking part in an insidious system which omits to tell the people the facts, while creating a facade that everything is at is should be, when nothing could be further from the truth.


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