Explore the Wonders Below the Sea

Monday 25 January 2016, 7:24PM
By Diving Academy Ltd

Diving Academy Ltd provides allows divers to see things from a different perspective; the feeling of weightlessness while exploring the depths of the sea opens one up to a whole new world of undiscovered wonders. New Zealand has a lot to offer in terms of vibrant marine life and underwater gardens. To discover the many dive spots in the country, one needs to acquire a diver’s license.

Snorkelling will only provide you with a glimpse of what life is like underwater. You may have the capabilities to dive lower, however, without an oxygen tank, it is difficult to stay underwater for more than a minute. With an open water license, you get to use gear and get a closer look at the different marine life, from sharks to seahorses to turtles.

Diving Academy Ltd offers PADI dive courses in Auckland for beginners and advanced prospective students. The different programs are ideal for first-timers who want to try a new activity and for experts to hone their skills.

New scuba divers may enrol for the PADI open water course; students will learn the basics of diving, use equipment while underwater and skills needed to stay safe. After the certification program, students can now dive in any part of the world.

Diving Academy Ltd also caters to intermediate and advanced students who want to improve their skills, explore more of the ocean or pursue a career as a divemaster or instructor.

The PADI advanced open water course builds a student’s confidence and develops scuba diving skills to explore more of what the underwater world has to offer. The rescue diver program expands the knowledge and experience of prospective students. The instructors teach how to anticipate, prevent and manage potential accidents while underwater. The divemaster and instructor programs prepare students for teaching and taking responsibility for other less experienced divers in the water or in the classroom.

Other than dive courses, Diving Academy Ltd offers quality dive gear for students and experienced divers. They offer some of the world’s best brands that include Oceanic, Atomic, Poseidon, Mares, Pinnacle, Zeagle and several others.

For interested beginners or experienced divers, visit the Diving Academy Ltd website.