Rural Farm Services in Auckland – Increase Grazing Efficiency with Livestock Fencing

Wednesday 27 January 2016, 5:45PM
By Farm Force


The ultimate goal for farmers everywhere is to increase livestock grazing efficiency. To accomplish this, proper fencing is necessary.

A proper fencing layout does more than improve livestock protection and confinement; it also serves as a powerful management tool and organises your grazing systems. With an effective rotational managing system, you provide forage to grazing livestock without having to spend so much. It is an affordable way to keep the herd fed and protected all year round.

Fencing also gives you greater control over your livestock’s movement, as well as the quality, productivity and utilisation of forage crops. With effective lane systems, livestock movement and pasture rotation is easier. Other fencing technologies, such as electric fencing, can help you achieve different tasks at the same time.

Strengthening your fencing layout is always a smart investment. A well-designed fencing system encourages forage selectivity, which results in non-uniform and concentrated distribution in the pasture. Your layout saves you time and money while ensuring your livestock is well-fed.

Rural fencing varies according to your farm. Before you purchase the materials, consider your current grazing management system and livestock class, species and age. Take your pick from the numerous fencing options available to livestock producers. Once you have made your selection, consult with rural farm professionals for the best results.

Farm Force is your one-stop farm services specialist in Waikato and Auckland. If your farm needs fencing, trust the company to deliver thanks to their many years of service in the industry. As a trusted name in the field of farm and agricultural services, they commit to providing high quality fences for properties within their service areas.

Durability is an essential factor in ensuring an effective fencing layout. Farm Force’s range of fences offers long-term sturdiness, as well as enclosure for your farm. These versatile solutions are flexible and easily match all of your fencing needs. Even if your farm has sloping sites or uneven ground, their fences still provide a stable border.

Improve your cattle’s grazing efficiency by installing fences now. Farm Force helps you achieve the best fencing, which contributes to improved processes all around.

Call Farm Force at 0800 142 090 to discuss your needs. You can visit their website at to learn more about their rural farm services. Apart from farming, they also offer farm water installation, heat works and tree removal services.