Jetstar aircraft diverted to Auckland, sent back to Nelson

Tuesday 16 February 2016, 7:51PM
By Community Taranaki

DEVELOPING NEWS: A Jetstar Airways Q300 aircraft diverted back to Auckland this afternoon following an serious incident is back in the air, enroute to Nelson Airport.

The aircraft originally took off on time from Auckland bound for Nelson at 6.20pm, It was scheduled to arrive at 7.55pm. However, the flight was diverted back to Auckland while travelling over the skies of Taranaki and safely landed in Auckland around 7.55pm. 

The aircraft took off, unscheduled at 9.04pm for Nelson, bound to arrive at around 10.15pm. If the flight, JQ377 was cancelled, it would be the first Jetstar regional cancellation in history.

The aircraft will be held at Nelson Airport overnight it is thought however it may depart back to Auckland later tonight.

Jetstar Taranaki advocate Michael Riley says the situation is unusual.

"It's obviously very unusual for this to happen. A flight has been re-directed to go back to Auckland for an hour, mid flight, before taking off again for Nelson."

"It's a situation which was unplanned," he said.


This is developing news, more to follow.