Manuka Health celebrated 10 years of manuka honey science this month

Friday 4 March 2016, 2:37PM

By Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd.


Manuka Health celebrated 10 years of manuka honey science this month. 2016 marks a decade since the compound methylglyoxal was discovered in manuka honey, a discovery that revolutionised the manuka honey industry.

To mark the occasion, Manuka Health hosted one of the world’s leading scientists and manuka honey experts, Professor Thomas Henle at a VIP event in Auckland last week. It was Professor Henle’s team at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, which first discovered methylglyoxal in manuka honey and realised that it could be used to differentiate it from other types of honey.

Professor Henle had spoken to New Zealand media ahead of the event, sharing his thoughts on the future of the manuka honey industry. He raised some very interesting points, especially in regard to industry sharing and clinical research. According to Professor Henle: “Methods should not be the property of industrial associations, but must be freely available to every lab in order to realise an objective and independent assessment. It is also vital that clinical trials and scientifically well-designed studies are conducted – a prerequisite, for instance, to confirm the promising initial results on the effects of manuka honey against gastrointestinal infections.”

Professor Henle spoke of his fascinating research into Manuka honey to a full house at The Wharf in Auckland. Attended by scientists, media, industry partners and distributors from all over the world, the event showcased the partnership of nature and science that is at the very foundation of Manuka Health.


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