Review: New Plymouth to Auckland with Jetstar

Sunday 6 March 2016, 4:28PM
By Community Taranaki

Airline: Jetstar Airways

Flight: New Plymouth to Auckland

Duration: Flight time approx 45 minutes. 

Seat Comfort: Comfortable leather chairs. 7/10

Cabin Staff Service: Friendly staff, little knowledge on New Plymouth, but very helpful. 8/10

Food & Beverages: For $6 Jetstar regional customers can get a muffin and a water, I opted for this and I believe it is worth the money. Those who did not pre-order snacks, received no food or beverages. I still believe passengers deserve a least a cup of water. 6/10

In Flight Entertainment: No in flight entertainment due to the short duration of the flight. 5/10

Ground Service: Helpful and efficient. 8/10

Value For Money: The flight cost $18, return. That's $9 a flight. 10/10. 

Recommended: YES, I'd even pay $80 one way for the service I received. 7/10

51 points out of 70. 


Arriving at New Plymouth Airport I was one minute late for check in however the staff checked me in anyway. If I had been seconds later I would have most likely lost the flight in full.

The flight was late on arrival to New Plymouth and therefore we boarded 10 minutes later then normal, consequentially overall landing in Auckland thirty minutes late. 

On board the aircraft, the plane was spacious, the crew on board managed to speak to each passenger, and we were given frequent updates during the flight. 

I was seated at 1A right at the front, which can be pre-selected for a cheap $8, which I feel is pretty good considering I purchased the tickets for $9 one way. 

I received my Blueberry Muffin and bottle of Pump water during the flight and it went overall pretty well.

On landing, we got off the plane and had to get onto a bus to take us to the terminal building, as there was not enough space at Auckland Airport for the aircraft to go straight to the terminal, this delayed our initial landing further. 

Jetstar commenced regional flights to and from New Plymouth Airport on 1 February 2016. The flights have mainly been at about 80% capacity. There have been no cancelations as at 6 March, and flight delays have been minimal. 

New Plymouth Airport is currently serviced with two airlines - Air New Zealand and Jetstar. Air New Zealand have daily direct flights to Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with ATR 72 aircraft. Jetstar have the Auckland flights about 4 times daily. 

Flight prices before Jetstar begun services into New Plymouth were about $90 one way, the average price has fallen by over 60% to $29. 


Coming up soon: Air NZ from New Plymouth to Christchurch, Air NZ from Wellington to New Plymouth, Air NZ from Auckland to Nelson, Jetstar from Auckland to New Plymouth.

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