LinkedIn's Waikato Networking Group changes hands

Thursday 17 March 2016, 1:37PM
By Halo Biz

One of LinkedIn’s most engaged New Zealand Groups is changing hands five and a half years after it was formed.

Dean McLeod of 67 Consulting and 67 Creative started the Waikato Networking Group in July 2010 because he wanted to provide a means for local Waikato business people to connect with each other in a relaxed fashion online and in the real world.

As the group grew and demand for engagement increased Dean decided to invite some key and keen people to assist with the group.  First up was (then) local photographer Dave Lashlie and at a later date copywriter Lucy Smith were invited to help Dean with the administration and management of the group. 

However, as most people will know from first-hand experience, circumstances change. Personal, life, job and just general change meant that both Dave and Lucy decided to pursue other things and relinquished their roles within the group.

With this change Dean McLeod invited Julie South to join the management team of the Waikato Networking Group.  Ms South has a passion for LinkedIn and networking and was therefore seen as an excellent fit.

And now it is Dean’s time to hang up his LinkedIn group management hat to pursue his other interests, which include his passion for photography.

Mr McLeod has been working as a business consultant for the last 16 years as well as building his photography business. He has recently extended this to taking photography courses for beginners.  These are proving to be a huge success; many of his students have enhanced their own skills and have gone on to get started on professional photographic careers.

In March 2016 Mr McLeod officially assigned Julie South as owner of the LinkedIn Waikato Networking Group.  He believes she is the perfect choice given her business – Connected Business Network - is totally focussed around networking and showing small and medium sized businesses how to use LinkedIn as an effective lead generating tool.

The Waikato Networking Group is an unlisted LinkedIn group which means the group will not appear in search results. Because of this – and ensuring no spam or link-bait type discussions are posted – members of the group are supportive of each other. The group has regular informal coffee catch ups giving members the opportunity to network in the real world as well as online.

This is exactly what Dean McLeod had in mind when he started the group in 2010.

If you are a Waikato business person who would like to meet more Waikato business people then joining the Waikato Networking Group at LinkedIn is a good place to start.

For more information please contact Julie South at:

or call her direct on 027 282 4155.