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Recently Google Changed Adwords ads Placement

Monday 18 April 2016, 4:50PM
By Dynamic Web Solutions Ltd

The right hand column paid ads have been removed as they present display issues on mobile. 

A search on your phone will now show only three ads above and below the "organic" or free results. For many searches this will reduce the number of ads displayed per page load on  Google's search results pages. The outcome of this must be that the remaining ads increase in cost as the available real estate has shrunk.

Small business owners using Google's Adwords program should start to notice the increase in the cost of a click more or less immediately. 

To compensate search specialist, Anowar Shuvo, recommends small business owners remove worthless searches by completing Google's "negative keywords" list with hundred or more phrases that cold be draining an advertiser's budget. This will immediately improve the quality and intention of click throughs from Adwords.

However, medium term, the logic of undertaking an SEO program to improve your website's organic position on the Google results pages is overwhelming. 

The SEO effect persists long after the same budget spent on Google Adwords would. Once a Google advertiser's monthly budget is exhausted, their ads are pulled from rotation, whereas the traffic and links an SEO specialist creates remain indefinitely. Likewise, any directory listings created during an SEO program continue to direct traffic and promote a business long after they were set up. 

Moreover, although Google claims to "do no evil" and to have click fraud detection, they do not report on bogus clicks in Analytics or disclose how click fruad mitigation is achieved so an advertiser can not be certain their competitors aren't running down their budget.

Anowar explains, "SEO, or search engine optimisation, takes some time to wind up. We advise our clients to start immediately and allow six months to see real results. Also Adwords and SEO can co-exist, but obviously its advised to reduce your Adwords spend as the organic results start to occur on the first page. "

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