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I Have My Business Website, What Is Next?

Friday 22 April 2016, 5:02PM
By Dynamic Web Solutions Ltd

If you've had a website for some time and it is not really delivering
the number of customer inquiries that you would like it's time to look
more closely at your website's promotion.

In most cases when a website is made little or no effort is put into
marketing the new site. Over time it might gather a few inbound links
or a handful of Facebook likes but generally it remains in the

This is because web developers are not SEO experts. They are focused
on design and functionality and making the nuts and bolts of the
website work but not what happens on Google in the weeks or months
that follow the completion of the site.

Once the website owner realizes that they have a website that no one
is looking at they may turn to services like Google's Adwords or
Facebook advertising but does this really represent the best value for

At this moment there are two paths ahead of them: they could bid for
advertising in Google's Adwords auction or they could invest in their
own website by building content, links and traffic to it through an
SEO program.

Having done both I would advise the second option, investing in your
own website. After all, why play someone else's game when you can play
your own?

An is SEO expert is advised. This is a person who can analyze your
competitors and formulate a strategy of links and content to make sure
your website edges out your competitors.

After three months of SEO plan, you will see your website slowly move
up the Google search results pages until links to your pages are found
with a number of keyword phrases on the first page of Google's search
results pages. Once that happens you can expect more email and phone
inquiries from your website.

None of this is fakery. Google Analytics reports will measure your
monthly traffic and ranking reports will summarize where you come up
on what keyword phrases as compared to your competitors. Google
keyword planning tool will show your SEO expert what he words to focus

Like advertising on Google or Facebook's networks, SEO costs money. A
person has to sit down and methodically market your site using a large
number of online resources; directory sites, classified ad sites
social networking and social bookmarking sites. However the effect of
their work is much more persistent than just paying for a month of
Google Adwords. In the pay per click model your website has not been
improved, enlarged, optimized and no new links have been created to

So while you may spend 25 to 50% of what you would have on Google
Adwords your sites traffic steps up to a higher level and stays there.
You may consider pruning some of your Adwords budget and putting it
into an SEO program so you get a dual affect.
If you stop your SEO program your website will slip back a bit on the
results pages. But the content and links to your site will continue to
attract traffic.

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