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Innovative insulation product offers homeowners comfort and savings

Thursday 19 May 2016, 10:52AM
By Vinyl Cladding New Zealand

Home insulation is a hot topic in New Zealand right now, and if you live in a home which is lacking in this area, replacing windows and re-insulating are good ways to increase your home's energy efficiency, but heat also flows readily through studs, joists, and other building materials in a phenomenon known as thermal bridging.

The shell of your home provides the structural barrier between your home’s interior and the rest of the world. As much as possible it should keep out unwanted air infiltration, moisture, and retard the flow of heat through walls. If properly insulated, your home ought to stay warmer during cold winter months and cooler in the summer.

Unfortunately many homes in New Zealand do not achieve this, which can result in unhealthy living conditions, poor health and a drain on finances with homeowners spending more than they should on trying to stay warm in winter.

This is where insulated vinyl weatherboards come in with a solution to help remedy the issue of thermal bridging.  This innovative weatherboard product has insulation permanently adhered to the back of the cladding. Insulated cladding covers all sides of the home, including the studs, breaking the thermal bridge by providing continuous insulation. And with studs comprising about 25 percent of a home's exterior walls, the potential savings and improvement in living conditions are significant.

Lower power bills are not the only savings available to homeowners — insulated vinyl cladding boosts a homes overall r-value. "Using less energy is one benefit, but homeowners who clad or re-clad with insulated weatherboards also report fewer drafts, greater overall comfort, and a quieter house," according to Joe Taylor, owner of Vinyl Cladding New Zealand, national suppliers of thermal Canadian building products to New Zealand.

In addition, the rigid foam backing can reduce the subtle bows and dips that are present on almost every wall, making for longer, straighter panels, as well as significantly improve the impact resistance of the panel, Taylor said.

Insulated cladding is available in four traditional profiles associated with weatherboard cladding (including vertical cladding) and is available in many attractive colours. The product has a manufacturer warranty of 50-years.

"Unlike other claddings selected solely for their aesthetics, insulated vinyl cladding has a range of performance benefits that save energy, manage moisture, withstand extreme weather events, and impact," added Taylor. "Why settle for a simple makeover when you can clad with a product that actually makes your home better to live in?"

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