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Fully Depends on Google Adwords : Think before you pay

Monday 23 May 2016, 2:15PM
By Dynamic Web Solutions Ltd

According to economic analysts, Business trend & strategy is changing rapidly. You have to have business strategy for next 2 years and need to implement your plan.  In New Zealand, majority of business owner relay on traditional business methodology or digital marketing.

In terms of digital marketing, there are two major way of business success.

1. Pay per click ads campaign ( Google Adwords)
 2.Search Engine Optimization

To be honest, I like both options. Google Adwords is great business solution for getting quick result. Majority of business owner depends on google adwords for getting sales inquires. However, Google Adwords is getting expensive day by day, because of business competition. (For example: In 2015, dental implants cpc cost was $3.5 nzd . In 2016, cpc cost is $6.00)  

Moreover, Search Engine Optimization can be great investment for your business. It may take bit time (3 month to 6 month) though result will be outstanding.

My digital marketing theory is very simple. If you need quick business quires, you may run Google Adwords and SEO campaign parallel. When you achieved top search position for target business string, you may set CPC campaign for other business strings.

I am not against of google Adwords. I suggest clients to run CPC programme for certain period and invest money for seo campaign too.

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