Oscar Juicers' Facebook Page Offers Information On The Efficacy Of Wheatgrass In Treating Molluscum

Thursday 9 June 2016, 3:18PM
By Beckie Wright

Oscar Juicers’ Facebook page this month discussed the efficacy of wheatgrass for treating Molluscum, suggesting that anyone with young children struggling with this virus should share the link. Wheatgrass can do wonders for many skin and other conditions and for general health and wellbeing when ingested, and OSCAR the Living Juicer is one of the few juicers on the market that will efficiently juice wheatgrass. Keith Delmar of West Auckland is growing organic wheatgrass for juicing, and for more information on this and the general properties of wheatgrass please visit the OSCAR Juicers website at .

Molluscum contagiosum is caused by a virus that is highly contagious. It causes small, itchy raised spots on the skin, predominantly in infants and young children who infect each other by direct contact. Although not in any way dangerous, it can be quite unsightful and distressing to both child and parents. Reported successful eradication of molluscum with wheatgrass shows that it can take anywhere between two weeks and three to four months for the spots to disappear. It is generally known that because of its very high safety of use in infants and children and treatment failures are rare, it pays to persevere with wheatgrass. Please also visit

Grown at home and chewed or juiced, wheatgrass is a fast and highly effective way to eliminate internal waste from the body allowing the proper absorption of nutritious foods, and the benefits of this complete food were rediscovered by Dr Ann Wigmore in 1960. It's the cream of the grass family crop, high in chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes, protein and has no starch. The chlorophyll molecule of wheatgrass closely resembles haemoglobin found in human red blood cells.

Most wheat allergies are due to the gluten found in the wheat berry. Wheatgrass is cut before the plant forms a grain (berry) and therefore has no gluten. It's an excellent addition to the diet of a person with allergies. The OSCAR Juicers team recommend that first time users drink only 30ml of wheatgrass juice mixed with water to begin with. The high enzyme content produces an immediate reaction with toxins and mucus in the stomach, often making people feel a little nauseous. This means it's needed and should be taken regularly.

Juicing wheatgrass and a diet of mostly fresh, raw foods leaves people feeling younger and very alive, and in fact, juicing all fruits and vegetables with an OSCAR Living Juicer will have positive benefits for everyone.