Restorative Dentistry: When You Can No Longer Handle the Pain

Friday 17 June 2016, 6:13PM

By Dentistry With A Smile



Dental pain is arguably the worst kind of pain you may experience. The sensation is simply too much for many people, mostly because our teeth are one of the most used parts of the body. When eating, talking or even when you are at rest, the pain is something no one should have to bear for a long time.

Restorative dentistry is one solution to tooth pain. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by the prospect of undergoing these treatments — partly due to how broad the actual definition of restorative dentistry is.

Restorative Dentistry

So what exactly is restorative dentistry? Dentistry With A Smile explains that it is essentially the management of teeth diseases and the supporting structures. Rehabilitation plays a key role, primarily in improving the actual function of the teeth. The endodontist in Christchurch uses root canal therapy as an example, as it involves restoring the function of the tooth undergoing the treatment.

The dental practice offers more than just root canal treatments, though. Restorative dentistry encompasses many other treatments, with their level ranging from simple to more complicated.

Dentistry With A Smile defines restorative dentistry into two categories — treatments that are more on the functional side and those that mostly concern dental aesthetics. Some good examples of functional restorative dentistry are the aforementioned root canal therapy, implants and dental fillings.

On the aesthetic side of treatments, dental procedures include porcelain treatments, veneers, crowns and bridges. Some of the treatments cross over with one another. A good example is dental fillings. Silver amalgam fillings are mostly functional, whereas white or porcelain fillings lean more on aesthetics as they imitate the look of the teeth.

Pain Management

Dentistry With A Smile explains that whether treatments are done mostly for aesthetics or for actual function, restorative dentistry is essential for pain management. The level of pain varies from person to person, but it is a pain that may interfere with daily life. Because of this, it is imperative that a person seek immediate help from their dentist when experiencing dental pain.

If you are looking for a dentist in Christchurch that offers restorative dentistry, Dentistry With A Smile’s team will help you overcome the pain you are experiencing in your teeth. They aim to make every patient comfortable during treatments, and leave smiling confidently and painlessly.

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