Auckland Roofing – After the Storm: What to Look for When the Rain is Over

Friday 17 June 2016, 6:48PM
By Barrier Roofing


Your roof is not a big fan of sudden weather changes. Unfortunately, it’s a storm’s favourite target.

When it comes to roofing, there are multiple ways weather events cause damages, even in the most moderate storms. As a homeowner, you have one responsibility: After the storm, assess the roof immediately to prevent further damages. Whether the storm brought about strong winds, rain or hail, never forget the assessment.

So, what should you look for?

Barrier Roofing, one of Auckland’s reliable roofers, recommends looking for evidences of roof damage on the ground. A walking inspection around the perimeters of your home reveals blown off fascia, shingles and flashings. Inspect the mouths of downspouts for loose materials carried to the drainage system.

Also, check for separation of shingles from the deck by inspecting the roof’s edges. Keep in mind that broken shingles are signs of damages still on the roof.

Don’t forget about the attic. After big storms, the attic is typically a victim of small leaks, which grow over time. You won’t see water damage unless you’re up there. Check the room for damp insulation, and check the vents and the chimney as well.

A number of areas surrounding the roof aren’t visible from the ground. Nearby trees might have lost branches on your roof.

When it comes to roofing maintenance and inspection, there are some you can’t do on your own. Barrier Roofing is happy to be of assistance.

The company boasts of being Auckland’s dedicated roofing specialists. If you need maintenance or inspections, their team offers their years of experience for a sturdier roof. The roofing specialists keep roofs in tip-top shape, whatever the circumstance. They’re all for more durable and weather resistant roofing.

Give your roof that ‘After-Storm’ makeover with a reliable Auckland roofing service. Barrier Roofing offers roof repairing, washing, resurfacing, concrete bedding and pointing, and re-roofing in Auckland. Get in touch with them today by visiting their website at