Corporate Events are a Big Market for Catering Services: Here is Why

Thursday 23 June 2016, 6:32PM

By Spit Roast Catering Company



Catering services have a surprisingly huge market in the corporate setting, and it makes perfect sense.  When a company holds a dealer’s meet, a get-together, or even just a three-hour meeting, an exceptional catering service is of utmost importance. After spending a long time mingling, brainstorming and negotiating, everyone needs a break. It will be so much better if there is good food in store.

In New Zealand, food and hospitality services are springing to life. With yearly revenues that amount to billions, it is easy to see that Kiwis have a heart, and a stomach, for scrumptious meals in the midst of a busy day at work.

Apart from filling the stomach with mouth-watering dishes, an excellent corporate catering in Auckland and elsewhere in the country can leave an impression on business partners, guests and employees.

“The chefs and the team know well how the food should be presented and how does it hold the interest of the guest,” Dev Tripathi, an eCommerce business manager, explains.

Tripathi stresses that this can wow guests and paint a great image of the company. Although party catering has a similar effect on the guests, great food service in a more formal event sets the mood for professional exchanges, while keeping it light and relaxed.

There are many benefits to hiring a catering service, whatever the occasion may be. But, for corporate events, the prestige that comes with it seals the deal.

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