Securing Construction Projects with Temporary Fencing

Tuesday 19 July 2016, 2:51PM
By Super Fence


Construction project in itself is a huge task that involves connecting pieces of intricate materials and design. A lot of equipment and tools are all over the place and the presence of scaffoldings and uncompleted levels of the building poses potential hazards such as falling debris.

Aside from ensuring the safety of your workers, accounting for the security of the site itself should also be a top priority.

The common impediment in a construction project is the illegal entry of onlookers, prowlers, thieves and all sorts of bad company. While a manned security station can usually ward them off, the physical size of the building site is simply too wide of a coverage area for two to three security officers to guard.

Effectively and efficiently securing a construction area is the key to successful fulfilment of the job. To help with this, establish temporary fencing in locations that are hard to patrol in. This is for the safety of the building itself and the unwanted visitors.

Superfence is your top provider of easy-to-install and portable fence hire. Not only are they experts in what they do, their products also speak for themselves. Their fencing products and innovations include the following:

  • Adaptive Construction-Ready Site Panels—consist of a 2.1-metre high security barrier to protect and secure your site. They can be supplied with the following:


Sloping concrete feet blocks for anti-trip

Feet support

Panels can be wired or clamped together for added stability

Telescopic stays, for situations needing intermediate bracing


  • Anti-Trip Support Blocks— weighs 30kg with sides sloped at 60 degrees, which reduces the occurrence of tripping. When placed near heavy pedestrian traffic, the support blocks work perfectly with every fence hire.


  • Subdividing Third Panels—segregates blocks of areas within the covered site. They offer kilometres of temporary fencing available for any project, on time, every time, with flexible delivery options.


  • 90° Straight & Short Stays—high quality temporary fence adds wind proofing support and stability.


Superfence has been in the business of providing temporary fences for the security of construction projects in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton & Bay of Plenty areas. They supply reliable products and the leading innovations in the market today.

Contact Superfence through their enquiry form or call 0800 367 836. Let their expertise guide you to the right temporary fencing solution to suit your needs.