To Control Indoor Climate, Look for Reliable Service No Matter the Season

Friday 22 July 2016, 6:26PM

By Absolute Air Conditioning & Refrigeration



During the wintry months and summertime, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system becomes the most important system in every home and office.

When the cold season strikes, the temperature may deteriorate equipment and structures; in times of unbearable heat, staying put inside a property becomes the farthest thing from comfort.

That’s why having heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to regulate the surrounding temperature is vital for a functional environment. This ensures personal comfort, health, food preservation and productivity.

However, before installing an HVAC system, verifying the integrity and the work history of the service provider should be your top priority because installing the system isn’t cheap.

When it comes to Auckland’s air conditioning needs, rely on Absolute Airconditioning and Refrigeration to deliver the correct system for your home or workplace. With over 11,000 successful heat pumps and HVAC system installations, you can rest assured of their expertise.

They have been serving the entire Auckland region from Albany to Pokeno since 1989, offering the following services:

  • Air Conditioning—provides a comprehensive line of air conditioning units for industrial, retail, residential and commercial spaces. They offer the latest Fujitsu heat pumps and air conditioning units.


  • Ventilation—includes both ventilation and extraction systems for kitchens, factories and office spaces. They deliver tailored air circulation solutions that provide fresh air in work and personal environments.


  • Refrigeration—distributes productive and efficient refrigeration units to suit various residential and operational applications. They offer cool rooms, wine cellars and water chillers.


  • Maintenance and Repair—attends to malfunctioning HVAC systems, including refrigeration units, ACs and heat pumps. Their refrigeration engineers are IQP qualified and verified.


As a group of HVAC Auckland experts, Absolute Airconditioning and Refrigeration promotes a dedicated and passionate service. They specialise in designing and installing air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioners and all types of heat pumps in the majority of Auckland.

Contact Absolute Airconditioning and Refrigeration at or call them on 0800 432 454 and have a better home and office climate today!