What Google Inbox Means for Email Marketers

Monday 15 August 2016, 2:29PM
By Perry Bernard

Google’s new Android App, Google Inbox is just one among the many customer centric apps that Google has launched – and that’s exactly the point, it has been designed and deployed with the user in mind and not the marketer. Thus far the App is available by invite only but will be available on a far more accessible scale very soon. It’s good to take note of this app at beta stage however especially due to how it will affect your overall visibility on email.

The most important feature of Google Inbox is its ability to allow readers to bundle or group emails from those of friends, to bank statements to unwanted marketing spam. This means they chose what emails are visible which would automatically allow your content to get ignored. This is certainly not good news for the email marketing arena especially due to the fact that Gmail already corners promotional matter into a separate tab.

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