How the Fold Fits in Email Marketing

Monday 15 August 2016, 2:48PM
By Perry Bernard

The term ‘above the fold’ is generally referred to a specific placement of advertising in print media such as newspapers and periodicals. Essentially placing a print ad above the fold means you are placing it above the main area of content in that publication. Ideally you would be paying more for this placement as it will automatically give your ad more attention as opposed to being placed anywhere else within the newspaper or magazine. This was an important element of marketing when the days of using primarily above the line or ATL media was the core strategy for reaching audiences.

In the wake of digital media and email marketing, above the line mediums such as print, radio and TV are losing their wider reaching significance over personal and interactive ways of communication that are also cost effective in the long run. How much does it cost you to place an email in an inbox or for the investment in email marketing software? In fact the creation of the content would also cost less than what an ad agency would have charged you to develop a print campaign.

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