Successfully Executing an Email Spree

Monday 15 August 2016, 2:49PM
By Perry Bernard

Every email marketer should figure out the ideal number of email campaigns to send. You might go for a base frequency of monthly or weekly email updates, depending on the relationship your target audience has with your brand. With the exception of senders who already have very high frequency of multiple sends per week, an increase in the total number of emails per subscriber can have a direct positive effect on your bottom line results.

Although an increase in frequency is often deemed as negative, note that in this instance it is not - it is neutral to the recipient and based on previous interactions with your brand and marketing program. If people love your emails, they want more. Everything in customer satisfaction is about the management of expectations.

The question every email marketer should be asking himself or herself is how can we delight or – at the minimum – make it a neutral experience to increase frequency?

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