Strategies of Top Retailers

Monday 15 August 2016, 2:50PM
By Perry Bernard

Email marketing is not just about investing in the right platform and releasing content to a mass audience. This especially applies to retailers in the market who require faster responses and sales. Ideally, you should never forget that email is in fact a very personal medium of communication because you are placing yourself right in the hands of the reader and as such you need to treat your content with a certain level of personalization to be able to ensure that you get the results you are looking for.

Here are some strategies top retailers around the world are applying to their emails that you could also adopt:

The first thing to remember is personalization. Irrespective of the content matter, you need to be able to personalize it for the reader. Ideally creating a segmentation strategy would work. Segment your entire list based on the information you have and then release the mails in batches, tweaking the information slightly to suit each segment.

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