Business Blogging Action Plan in 6 Steps

Monday 15 August 2016, 2:58PM
By Perry Bernard

Small business owners are constantly attempting to have an exponential increase in online visibility since it is the most cost effective way to reach multicultural, global or local markets. While there are various platforms through which you can channel your content online, let’s focus on the key area of blogging specifically for business purposes.

Although blogs were initiated as personal online diaries and ranting platforms, the potential of using blogging as a platform for marketing purposes has now increased a million fold over the last few years. The concept of business based blogging in fact functions somewhat differently to personal blogging because its core purpose it to bring in leads unlike with personal blogging where it is more about how the blogger him or herself reaches celebrity status based on a personal opinion. Business blogging is about catering to specific audience needs and not about you.

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