5 types of email marketing errors and how to handle them

Monday 15 August 2016, 3:03PM
By Perry Bernard

It is inherent to our job that we send an email or two. Everybody that sends email marketing messages with a regular frequency will have a moment where the campaign slips up. Even if you test your mails thoroughly, it is bound to happen sooner or later in your email-marketing career. We all make mistakes. And if we don’t make mistakes ourselves, there is always someone else or a piece of technology to make them for us. Prevention is better than a cure. So please avoid making mistakes in your email campaign as much as possible, but know there will be a time where errors do occur.

Now of course, in case of a mistake you could sweat it out for the following days, hope for the best and that it will blow over. But in most situations, that is a pretty risky strategy. It is always best to step in straight away and take control. There are several ways to go around handling “code red”. Below are the steps you should go through when an error does occur:

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