Businesses for sale in Auckland - under Construction

Tuesday 16 August 2016, 1:33PM

By Business for Sale NZ - NZBizBuySell



Auckland is under construction. Urgently requiring more infrastructure and housing to carry it's ever increasing population, it now relies heavily on related businesses to fuel its momentum.

However the lucrative housing market is not the only way to profit from the city’s unprecedented growth. Regardless of the run-away property values, the construction industry is heading skyward.

Richard O’Brien of nzbizbuysell says opportunities abound in booming construction times - especially if you are in the business of providing the likes of electrical, hardware, appliances, windows, plumbing, carpet, joinery, concrete, timber and the likes. The list is in exhaustive. From doors to driveways, quality products and workmanship will be sought after in ample quantities. Labour services are in equally high demand.

“This could be a great time to buy a business in Auckland that services this sector,” he says. “Either directly or indirectly, there will be a lot of money pumping in - and now is the time to secure a slice of the pie.”

“Conversely if you are looking to sell a business in Auckland, right now is good, while demand is high, profit margins up and future sales looking good.”

The Christchurch rebuild is an infallible example of riding the opportunistic wave in the construction industry, with some companies still stretched to meet demand. Many a modest business has expanded out of necessity. Even cafes are still popping up like mushrooms in once-were-quiet locations to service the thirsty manpower behind the progress. Demand will only become greater in Auckland as activity gains traction.

Major commercial developments such as in the Wynard Quarter and Britomart are just the tip of the exciting city centre progression and its gentrification. The proposed Auckland City Rail link will be a costly undertaking, also creating business opportunities down the track. Indirect services such as restaurants, bars and cafes will be lifelines to new office precincts and residential areas, both when completed and while well-paid construction workers are spending. Just looking at some of the hospitality opportunities available highlights some potential gold mines.

With improvements in the city’s infrastructure and its world-class waterfront, tourism is also another entire industry reliant on businesses such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, sightseeing and adventure activities, locally made products and souvenirs, restaurants and food outlets.

And beyond the Bombay Hills, some business sectors based in other regions can still logistically supply the Auckland market by providing competitive prices, quality, exclusivity or delivery time.

There is no quick fix in Auckland – this will be a ongoing development as the City continues to lure inward migration, visitors and business creating new business opportunities along the way.