Security Systems—Worry Free Holidays: It's Possible and You Deserve It

Friday 26 August 2016, 10:04PM
By Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service


With all the stresses life has to offer, a break sounds tempting. The eight-hour work shift eventually takes its toll and you just get tired of the daily grind. To keep yourself and the family from being too stressed, you think about having a holiday. 

It is difficult, however, to go away for an extended amount of time and not worry about your house’s security. Current times are tough; you’re no stranger to news of robberies and home invasions. 

Fortunately, a few precautions offer some peace of mind. 
Start small by minding your social media accounts. Even if you are excited about your getaway, refrain from posting all the details on your accounts. When you talk about an upcoming trip, you also let everyone know about your home’s vacancy for a few weeks. Giving away your current status poses a security risk for your empty house.

Locking up is one of the most obvious, yet very important, aspects of home security. Make sure you lock all the doors and windows. If your garage has an unlatched door, now is the time to lock it. Keep in mind that a fully-locked house is less attractive to intruders looking for an easy entry point. 

If you want peace of mind 24/7, Zanden Locksmiths & Security recommends installing a home security system. With CCTVs and alarms in your home, you alert local authorities and deter potential intruders from entering the house. With a professional locksmith like Zanden, expect reliable systems that keep homes safe and homeowners happy.

The Tauranga locksmith offers a range of security surveillance solutions for residential areas. They provide an extensive range of CCTV installation solutions tailored according to your requirements and budget. Count on their team to secure your premises while you enjoy your holiday. 

Zanden’s team of technicians boast of high quality installations and repairs with the help of their advanced techniques and tools.

Before you go on your trip, let Zanden Locksmiths & Security deal with the technical aspects of your home’s security systems. With their CCTV installation and other alarms, you benefit from 24/7 peace mind for the duration of your trip.  Visit their website at