United Glass Showcases Why They Are NZ's Top Glaziers

Friday 30 September 2016, 5:36PM
By United Glass


Modern home and building designs exude a unique form of elegance and delicacy through the melding of traditional materials such as wood, stone, and metals with treated and reinforced glass.

However, while it’s fairly easy to conceptualize structures and facilities using glass as a major component, most don’t deliver in terms of the expected quality.

Therefore, when it comes to maximising the aesthetic potential of glass, you need expert glaziers like United Glass, who can produce personalized glass installation based on your requirements.

Compared to simple builders and other glaziers, the locally owned and operated company has more experience and time-tested service that you can verify across New Zealand.

Masters of Glass

The range of service that United Glass can provide isn’t limited to installation and treatment of glasses alone. In fact, they provide some of the most highly sought out solutions that would take years for any starting glaziers to learn.

Their glass solutions include:

•    Insulation: tinted performance glass keeps your indoor environment cooler during the warmest months. Glass can reduce heat, glare and UV radiation, and even improve your privacy.

•    Sound Proofing: a range of performance and insulating glasses to choose from that will provide the right level of noise reduction for your property.

•    Safety First: toughened and laminated safety glass options that provide reinforcement properties. In the case of breakage, the glass can be made into either granule instead of shards and crack instead breaking down.

•    Security: reinforced glass deters home invasion and burglary while giving the property an esteemed look. The glass will remain in place even if it’s broken due to the added internal layer resin or vinyl.

•    Fade Protection: a specialized UV-absorbing resin that prolongs the life of furniture and flooring by cancelling harmful effects of UV rays.

•    Frameless Glass:  frameless shower and glass pool fencing Auckland enclosures provide an effective water barrier without creating dark corners.

Key Products

Apart from industrial use glass services, the company also offers bespoke products such as Splashbacks, mirrors, glass balustrades Auckland, pool barriers, and any other glass installation needs for residential and commercial clients.

For glass repairs, replacements, and emergency services, contact United Glass at 0800 80 90 10 today.