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Christchurch Woman to be Dropped off Christchurch Building for Charity

Tuesday 4 October 2016, 12:24PM
By RedPR


Alexandra Davids has always taken leaps of faith and this Friday will be her second from the Les Mills building in the CBD.

The second youngest candidate in the Christchurch City Council elections, Alexandra has always had a youth focus in her work and so the “fit” with the “Drop your Boss” fundraiser is perfect.

“The Graeme Dingle Foundation carries out life-changing work with young people in communities with high levels of social deprivation. I see that in my role as a community board deputy chair and my strong involvement in the youth sector in Canterbury and across New Zealand,” she says. “When you can make a difference, why wouldn’t you?”

Alexandra’s work includes helping to run youth camps and conferences.

“It’s a cliché I know but it’s also true – young people are our future. It’s been very hard for many of them especially over the last five years and if we don’t invest in our young people, what does that mean for the future for us all?” Alexandra says.

While out campaigning, the 31 year old has heard from many young people who want a change in the focus at council level, to include young people much more in decision making. The youth voice is also telling her there needs to be more for them to do, particularly in the Linwood ward in which she is running for council.

“We have a significant number of young people in this area and with the loss of community facilities, I’m keen to get that issue addressed by the city council,” she says. “We need a change in this part of town, representation-wise and I know I am the woman for the job.”

As well as her deputy chair role on the local community board, Davids also works with Neighbourhood Support, the Estuary Association, Keep NZ Beautiful and the representative for Zone Five on the Young Elected Members Board.

She chooses to see perceived problems as challenges that allow opportunities for the creation of extraordinary achievements and outcomes that benefit her local community.

“Abseiling off the Les Mills building on Friday is definitely a challenge and in fact having done it before makes it even more of a challenge as I remember how freaked out I was last time,” she says.

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