The Bedford School of Music Scholarship 2017

Monday 17 October 2016, 10:28PM
By The Bedford School Of Music Entertainment & Events


We are taking submissions, donations and actively fundraising now for the 2017 Scholarship. For questions or ***************FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***************** THE BEDFORD SCHOOL OF MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS SCHOLARSHIP FUND The Bedford school of music & performing arts (TBSOM) scholarship is the second annual award of financial aid for a student to further or commence their music education. Scholarships are awarded based upon a strict criteria.   We are looking for scholarship students of all ages and backgrounds.   In 2016 the scholarship funded two students for 1 year, funded one to the finals of NZ Gold guitar awards and donations of guitars and other equipment have helped many students.   This year the school with help of the amazing parents and community ran two raffles, Youth Rave, open day,  garage sale,  sausage sizzle & several concerts.   On November 14th at the Manor Estate The School is holding 'Battle of the garage bands', a youth music showcase7pm & it is open for youth musicians to audition.   The common denominators will be a love, commitment, work ethic, passion and drive for music and performing arts. There needs to be a financial need here also. Anyone may apply. We have noticed during our development years of TBSOM that students come in all types of packages. As we are a private learning institution we have some very high achievers, we also have students who gain hugely on a social development level (Shyness, being bullied, social awkwardness, Disabilities and so much more) and their musicology comes later if they have the work ethic and passion. Scholarship is available throughout Otago. 2 DONATIONS. Are you interested in the benefit and well-being of our communities social and arts development? Then this is an opportunity for you. This is not a discriminatory scholarship fund based on a minority group. It's available to our whole community. Donations can be large or small. The following is what it takes for our community to financially support a scholarship student. Any donations are anonymous unless you wish to be acknowledged. School term classes $242.00 Per Term- One on one Music Lessons $100 per term - Group music classes $121 per term- Dance classes Holiday programs $60 per program ANNUAL FEE FOR STUDENTS TO ATTEND $1000 A year- Holidays included- Music Students. $500 A year- Includes dance holiday programmes- Dance Students. One time donations of any size are welcomed. Bank account details. TBSOM -KIWIBANK 38-9016-0461750-00 This is one way you or your organization/business can make a difference in our community. You will be sent regular updates on the school and students growth. You will receive regular invites to applicable events and opportunities to be involved in our many school activities and prize giving's. If you wish your business or organization to be named on our website and other scholarship materials, newsletters & events please send us your business logo. Format of the assessment Format of the Assessment is based on need (Financial &/or social development), merit or both. • The performance portfolio submission, containing evidence of the candidate's work as a performer or songwriter. • The written need based submission. (written by student &/or parent/caregiver) • Written references by family/teachers/employers who support your submission with an explanation of why they support the submission. • Evidence of work ethic and efforts in the community. ie letters of reference or newspaper articles. • Interview process. All submissions will require an interview with the directors and finance officer of The Bedford School of Music and Performing Arts. Expectations of scholarship students • Commitment to their studies. • Involvement in school life and opportunities. This includes volunteering for events ie sound, set up, hospo and general clean up. • Regular catch ups with their tutors and school management when required For additional information/Apply/donate httpa// Address-91 Aln Street, Oamaru School premise-17 Itchen Street, Oamaru