Locksmith Tauranga – Locked Out of Your House? Here's What to Do

Monday 24 October 2016, 11:58PM
By Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service


It’s normal to see people get locked out of their homes. You’ve likely experienced it yourself. After all, physical keys and even security key cards are easy to misplace. If you get locked out, double the trouble if the weather isn’t as pleasant, or if there’s a home emergency you need to tend to.

When locked out, you could try several things.

Call for Help

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help. If you live with roommates and friends, or have kin within the vicinity, try asking them if they could let you in. Maybe they have a spare key. If you’re a renter, just reach out to the landlord. And should nothing work, call professional locksmith services. It helps to have a professional by your side, especially if you’re trying to break into your place without prior experience or knowledge.

Look for Alternative Entrances

Try to remember. Maybe you left a window or a door unlocked somewhere. Start there. Finding an unlocked window by any chance is tricky, since it’s likely a habit for you by now. An unlocked door is possible, given that it’s not the front door. Perhaps the one that leads into a basement is open. Be wary of windows, however, as you’ll likely enter one off-balance and inadvertently land on things like appliances and end tables.

Try Breaking In, Subtly

Breaking in should be your last option, whether it’s done by a locksmith or yourself. You can begin by trying an old trick: the credit card. Provided your door only features a standard doorknob and isn’t padlocked, this can work. First, just ensure that the card you’ll use is one you don’t use anymore.

Start by inserting the card between the door and the frame. Make sure that the location is where the latch is located. Then, wiggle and push the card while holding it perpendicularly to the door. While pushing, bend the card to try and slide the latch. If you manage to be successful, call a locksmith in Tauranga immediately, because your home is quite easy to break into. They can upgrade your lock to a better one.

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