National Geographic Movie "Before the Flood" is a Wake up Call

Monday 7 November 2016, 4:49PM

By Garth Dawson


The National Geographic movie Before the Flood, (Before the Flood) is a wake up call to us all to begin to take action to slow the effect of climate change. Will we achieve it in our current lifetime? I don't know. I do know that we don't start acting now with positive steps to reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, we are heading into an unknown future both for our planet as well as  our children and their children.

We are already seeing the effect of climate change, her in NZ, let alone in the rest of the world. Warmer weather, more rain, bigger storms, greater and faster coastal erosion. The list goes on.

It is time to realise that we have to start doing things to reduce our impact on the earth. We can add trees back into into our cities and along our major roads to help absorb some of the carbon our cars emit every day. Add more trees in our suburbs - ever green preferably! To recognize that effective resource management, is not just about managing and developing the land. It is also about managing our air (the quality, the amount of CO2 and the amount of oxygen) and our water (its quality as well as acidity).

I recommend that you take the time to watch this movie, talk about it and what it is telling us. Then to start taking action. 


Garth Dawson