Supercharge Your Day with Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie!

Wednesday 16 November 2016, 11:59AM
By Impact PR

Early starts just not your thing? Never been a morning person? Wake up with the birds and do the dawn chorus in style with a Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie – the simple, tasty way to fuel your day the right way!

Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases are 100 per cent natural, pure, blended, small batch smoothie bases. Packed full of nature’s energy boosters to supercharge your day, Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases contain a delicious blend of mango, banana, passionfruit, linseed and ginger, with a hint of turmeric and black pepper.

Easy to make – just 30 seconds from freezer to shake – Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases create the perfect flavour every time. With no prep, waste or clean up, you can enjoy a delicious smoothie that also delivers functional health benefits.

Made with heart, Goodness Kitchen Smoothie Bases contain no nasties – with no added colours, flavours or preservatives, it’s all about the fruit, pure and simple. There’s also no need to source ingredients or find hard-to-get ingredients that may be out of season – perfect!

Best with soy milk, but also really tasty with almond milk, regular milk or coconut milk, Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases are all about making life easy – and healthy. Simply place the Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie sachet into the blender, add 250ml of liquid and your smoothie is ready to enjoy! Mix things up by adding your choice of sesame seeds, chia seeds or oats your smoothie.

Brad Tilby, marketing manager Goodness Kitchen, says Goodness Kitchen Smoothie Bases aim to give busy Kiwis a simple, quick way to enjoy a healthful life.

“In the Goodness Kitchen we are all about creating fresh flavours and invigorating blends full of goodness, enabling consumers to enjoy their smoothie knowing that it not only tastes great, but it’s good for them too,” he says.

“Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases are the perfect way to inject some much-needed energy into a hectic schedule. We are confident consumers will love that our smoothie bases are all-natural and packed full of nature’s energy boosters.”

Goodness Kitchen Energy Smoothie Bases (RRP $9.99; 4x 120g sachets) are available from supermarkets and gourmet food stores nationwide.

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