Streaks and Highlights Proving Popular in New Zealand

Wednesday 28 December 2016, 7:24PM
By Black Champagne Salon and Spa


Both men and women in New Zealand are flocking to salons to have volumising highlights added to their hair.

Coloured, streaked hair is becoming more popular thanks to new hair colouring techniques that allow clients to enjoy natural-looking locks. It is a popular alternative to having hair coloured in solid shades. 

Highlights today no longer look stark and stripey like they did in the past, but blend in seamlessly with existing hair colour.  New freehand dye application techniques such as balayage and octopus highlights are especially popular as they produce a natural-looking effect.

The technique works well for both long and short hair and makes the hair look more youthful, which is why it is gaining popularity with both men and women.

Beachy Curls and Sun Kissed Hair

Many hair salon clients are choosing to have their hair styled in messy curls reminiscent of summer-kissed hair while enjoying the beach. The hair is gently curled in loose waves and popularly cut to shoulder-length, similar to the hair sported by celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Khloe Kardashian.

Colour adds more volume and more dimension to wavy hair. The highlights make the hair appear sun kissed, as though lightened naturally by the sun. The effect also lasts much longer than other types of hair colouring techniques because the roots are less noticeable as the hair grows out.

Highlights and Foils

If you are looking for hairdressers in Tauranga that can give you beautiful, natural-looking highlights, look no further than Black Champagne Salon and Spa.

Located in Tauranga, the salon offers a range of highlights and foil services for men and women. They provide highlights from as few as one to ten streaks, to a full head of highlights for any hair length. They can work with any hair colour and tone, and offer colour-correction services for faded bleach or dye jobs.

Black Champagne Salon and Spa is a trusted beauty salon in Tauranga offering hair colour, highlights, styling and more. They also offer beauty spa treatments, including nail, facials and hair removal services.

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