Untrained Forklift Operators: On-site Safety Hazards and Fatalities

Wednesday 28 December 2016, 8:58PM
By Auckland Fork Truck Hire

Forklifts are specialised heavy duty equipment that require training and expertise to operate. Duty holders without enough formal training should not be allowed to get behind the sophisticated equipment, on which a number of undertakings rely for safe completion. Recent events proved that untrained forklift operators are on-site safety hazards, and can end up as fatalities themselves.

Last year, a worker at a Japanese food company died after being trapped between the console of his forklift and a racking unit. Mr Yokoyama was found to have had no training in operating the forklift, which led to a badly injured torso, and later, death, from the accident. The company where Mr Yokoyama worked was fined thousands of dollars for allowing the employee to operate without ensuring he had proper training beforehand.

WorkSafe chief inspector Keith Stewart pointed out the company’s lack of safety management systems and established safety rules and hazard controls in using the equipment. He added that Mr Yokoyama had to pay ‘the ultimate price’ as a result.

Training clearly has a significant role in ensuring the safety of various undertakings, but the quality of the equipment used plays an equally important part. In August this year, a forklift operator was fined over a truck driver’s death in 2014. The driver sustained fatal injuries after the pallecon of the unstable forklift tipped over and fell on him as he was cleaning the top of his truck. He died shortly after the incident.

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