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FindYourMacros - Calculate your daily calorie requirements

Wednesday 8 February 2017, 11:03AM
By Contento

FindYourMacros is a new website that helps you determine your total daily calorie requirements. Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain or build muscle, FindYourMacros calculates the exact number of calories you need each day and breaks it down into subtotals of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

It's a useful tool for anyone on a diet, but is particularly designed for people who do strength training, weightlifting or short lasting, high intensity anaerobic workouts. A common mistake for people following these training programmes is to over focus on the training aspect and not give enough thought to their nutritional requirements. FindYourMacros has been built with that in mind and offers a simple way to figure out exactly what you need to recover properly from your training.

FindYouMacros has been built in combination with protein supplier WheyCartel, which is offering a discount code HITYOURMACROS for users who calculate their macros using this tool.

You can find out more at the FindYourMacros website