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Home renovation TV shows like The Block are not reality, says Auckland Master Plumbers BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd. CREDIT: Media PA

Home renovation TV shows like The Block are not reality, says Auckland Master Plumbers BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd.
Thursday 9 February 2017, 9:30AM
By Media PA

The huge range of do-it-yourself TV shows like The Block, House Rules and others that broadcast into homes across New Zealand year-round are giving people a warped idea of home renovations.

“They might call it reality TV, but it’s far from reality,” BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd says.

“We see a neat and tidy one-hour episode, not all extra planning and work that goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

Just this week a couple from the The Block Australia complained that editing of the show gave a false representation of what happened, resulting in backlash on social media.

The editing of these shows also gives a false representation of the knowledge and skill required to complete home renovations, particularly plumbing and gasfitting.

“The people on these shows might install a kitchen in an episode. It makes for good TV, but it’s unlikely, risky and potentially unlawful,” BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd says.

These so-called reality TV shows are leading to more people adopting the DIY-attitude, which is great, but everyone should know their limits.

Attempting to do major plumbing work because you saw it on TV can be costly and dangerous.

That’s why there’s legislation in New Zealand restricting people to simple DIY plumbing work.

“This is for health reasons,” the Consumer NZ website says.

“An incorrect plumbing connection could allow a back-flow of polluted water into your drinking water.”

If you’re a fan of these hugely-popular home renovation shows then, by all means, continue to enjoy them.

But if you need plumbing, drainage or gasfitting work done at your home, be realistic about it.

Contact a local Master Plumber like the team at Auckland’s BT Plumbing & Gas Ltd who can provide reliable advice, professional service and quality workmanship.


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