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NuStyle Windows Will Enhance Any Home
Thursday 16 February 2017, 8:22PM
By Beckie Wright

NuStyle bifold windows will enhance the indoor/outdoor flow of any home, and at the same time dramatically increasing the retail value of the property. Bifold windows fold away easily and elegantly to maximise living spaces and have a cleverly designed top hung roller system.

This system allows for the option of a flat surfaced sill. This optional flat surfaced sill provides a more aesthetically pleasing look and eliminates the bottom track where dirt, sand and debris is likely to become trapped.

Awning and casement windows have always been popular with New Zealanders and are appropriate for both modern and traditional architecture. The traditional design hasa been improved with smooth curves, stylish contours and enhanced practicality.

Sliding windows allow for non-intrusive openings onto decks and walkways. The elimination of the protruding window makes walkways and play areas safe environments, and installing a sliding window over a bench or sink reduces the risk of strain when someone reaches over to open or close them.

All of these types of NuStyle windows open a whole new world of lifestyle enjoyment in the home, transforming it almost instantly, so for more information on their aluminium joinery please visit the website at INDEX