Go Loco For H2Coco COCOCHOC!

Friday 17 February 2017, 9:08AM
By Impact PR

Don’t shun your sweet tooth; celebrate it, with H2Coco COCOCHOC – the deliciously healthy way to treat yourself to your favourite guilty pleasure, without the guilty conscience!

Smooth and tasty, H2Coco COCOCHOC combines the hydrating benefits of pure coconut water with the sweetness of natural cocoa powder. Lactose, fat and dairy free, H2Coco COCOCHOC is also naturally gluten free and provides a high source of potassium – it’s the better-for-you chocolate coconut water blend, which offers a lighter and more nutritious way to get your iced chocolate fix.

Made using 100 percent natural ingredients, H2Coco COCOCHOC is vegan friendly and contains no artificial flavours or sweeteners, no preservatives or thickeners, concentrates or chemicals. Just three simple ingredients make up H2Coco COCOCHOC – 70% coconut water, natural cane sugar and cocoa powder.

Even better, H2Coco COCOCHOC isn’t just kind to your waistline, it’s a company that cares about the world you live in and the people that make its product. H2Coco only works with suppliers who treat their farmers fairly, take care of the environment and invest in local communities.

Created with H2Coco’s ethos of keeping things simple, H2Coco COCOCHOC is all about real taste and making healthy choices easier – and delicious. So why not swap your daily chocolate fix with H2Coco COCOCHOC – with no dairy or fat and 30 percent less sugar, it’s the clever alternative to your favourite chocolate milk.

H2Coco COCOCHOC (RRP $2.99; 330ml, $5.99; 1L) is available now in leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit