Leaders Review Returns for 2017 With Focus Point Series

Wednesday 8 March 2017, 12:15PM




Televised and Online Spots Promise Business More Go-Forward

Originally airing in 2010 and running for four years, Leaders Review’s core messages were designed as a collective response to post-GFC thinking, says long-time executive producer, Peter Anich. “Effectively they were public service messages for business, we ran on daily spots between early TV1 Business shows, and later, Breakfast ad-breaks.” 

“They aimed to provide a series of focused and pragmatic voices through quite a tumultuous period,” says Anich. “Luckily a few in the business community thought the project worthwhile to back and get out there at the time.”

The project’s return sees a change in tack, supporting the successful but often time-poor, business and leadership community with the new Focus Point messages,” says Mr Anich. “Anyone in business who might appreciate, a bit of focus and go-forward, delivered direct to their inbox for 1 or 2 minutes of short-form video, most weeks.” 

“To make it work the project relies on adherence by sponsors and contributors to long-held editorial ‘house rules’…Essentially, my own editorial independence as a producer,” says Mr Anich. 

“They front up, chip in, aren't there to pitch product, and would like to contribute something a little different to NZ inc. in this way.”

As in previous years, the series will roll out with accompanying signature spots most Monday to Fridays on TVNZ1’s Breakfast program, just before the 7AM ad-break. An additional launch spot led the first 6PM 1News ad-break on Monday and will do so again Monday next.

Opening the 2017 Focus Point series is Mark Roberts, Group General Manager of Alsco New Zealand, speaking on the need for organizations as a whole to wrap strategically around sales. Roberts shared particular views on the role senior staff can play out in the marketplace.

What: Focus Point messages delivered by New Zealand business leaders.
Where:, TVNZ1 regular TVC spots.
When:  Begins this week.

Peter Anich