Car Parts Auckland – How To Increase Your Car's Cargo Capacity

Friday 24 March 2017, 7:04PM
By Acker Bilt Ltd


When it comes to buying a family vehicle, two factors are the most important: seating and cargo space. Seating arrangements in a car are more or set—that is, at least, if you want to keep passengers comfortable. Cargo capacity, however, is a different story. With the help of aftermarket car parts in Auckland and a few handy tricks, you can make a smaller family vehicle seem bigger. Just be careful of overloading, though.

Try Out Exterior Racks

Why not try exterior racks? There’s an array of choices out there. You’ve got an assortment of Auckland roof racks to choose from, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. If installed properly, a roof rack can immensely improve cargo capacity. You don’t have to worry about packing all the bulky stuff in the trunk or the designated cargo hold anymore. With a roof rack, you’ll have more room to load your things, without sacrificing passenger comfort.

Perhaps you can use a hitch rack. This type of rack is often used to stow bicycles out the back. In the right configuration, the rack can be used not only for holding bikes, but also for extra cargo. Be careful about over-stuffing the rack, however. Most of the time, they aren’t designed for heavy duty gear, as are roof racks. Consider them a quick fix rather than a permanent solution to storage dilemmas, just to make more space inside the vehicle.

Utility Boxes

You’re likely to have tools and similar stuff lying around in your car. It might be a crow bar, a cross wrench, or anything you need to fix whatever problems you experience on the road. It’s time to properly stash them away. Simple tool boxes and storage cases can go a long way in keeping your tools organized and out of the way of the cargo. You’ll be surprised by how much space can be saved if you just kept your tools in one place, instead of leaving them lying around.

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