Second Hand and New Forklifts for Sale – A Quick Forklift Buying Guide

Friday 24 March 2017, 7:35PM
By Auckland Fork Truck Hire


Forklifts are specialty equipment. Whether you’re looking for used or brand new forklifts for sale, you must understand that such a purchase requires knowledge. It’s to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth, since the nature of a forklift’s job is intense—you wouldn’t want the machine to be anything less than durable and reliable.

Beware of a Few Mistakes

Purchasing a specialty vehicle, such as a forklift, means you don’t have the luxury of buying on impulse (as maybe you would, with a car). For instance, when browsing for a second hand forklift for sale, do not be immediately taken in by the low prices. There may be an underlying reason the pricing seems too good to be true. Perhaps the vehicle is a lemon (i.e. with hidden defects) – for a forklift, this can prove disastrous.

Either way, you have to be wary of low-priced offers until you try the motor vehicle, firsthand. Give it a spin and try to simulate your local working conditions. Can it handle workloads as the specification sheet suggests? Also, ensure that you get input from your operator. Allow operators to try out the forklift for themselves and ask about their thoughts—they’ll be the ones driving the vehicles, after all. When they give their word, you can trust them.

Consider Maintenance Arrangements

It’s a fact that routine service and maintenance is key to determining the ROI of a forklift. Due to the heavy-duty nature of its job, the vehicle can be under extreme mechanical stress. Your job is to balance and factor in the costs of repair and maintenance with your actual operational expenses. Are there technicians available for repairs, when needed? Are parts easy to source? Are repairs needed often, or not?

New or Used?

You have a choice between used and brand new units. The final decision, however, will rely on your specifications. If you need the vehicle but won’t be using it on a regular basis, then it’s ok to buy a used unit. It’s the same choice if you have a tight budget, or if repairs are relatively cheap and parts are easy to source. If, on the other hand, you require a forklift for regular use, or if you have the budget to spare, then you’d be best off buying a brand new one. When buying brand new, choose one which has as comprehensive a warranty as possible.

Auckland Forktruck Hire’s reputation speaks for itself. This level of trust is built on the foundations of personalized service, commitment, and genuine care for clients. The company is also able to offer a wide range of products, which gives clients excellent choices that fit specific needs.

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