Rubber Sheet Suppliers – How to Deal with Your Car's Old Weatherstripping

Friday 24 March 2017, 7:53PM
By Field Rubber Ltd


Rubber weatherstripping is extremely vital to your car. Without the seals lining your doors, windows, and even the windshield, driving safely and comfortably on rainy days would be nearly impossible. However, rubber seals won’t protect you forever. When these get old, they’ll need to be replaced before they fail. The problem is that old rubber seals can be tough to deal with.

Softening Hard Rubber

Before visiting your local dealer for rubber and polymer products, take a look at your car’s rubber seals. If they’re cracked and already hardened, you’re in for a tougher time. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’ll be impossible to get the rubber off. First, you’ll have to soften the rubber to a more manageable consistency before moving on.

It will be helpful to understand why rubber hardens. Rubber is only ‘soft’ because of chemicals called ‘plasticisers.’ Over the years, plasticisers bleed out and can cause rubber to become brittle enough to crumble. This means that it’s now your job to ‘rejuvenate’ the rubber before you can take it off. To do that you can use a rubber softener, which contains silicone. Spray until the material is soaked. Or, you can use hot water. Either way, these can soften the rubber enough for the seal to be removed.

Replacing and Protecting

After the old rubber seals are removed, it’s time to put some new ones. While shopping at local rubber sheet suppliers, make sure that the replacement sealing is the same as the old one. Compatibility with the car’s frame will become an issue, otherwise. And when it’s time to install it, do not go overboard with the weather stripping adhesive. Apply sparingly to the strip itself and to the surface of the frame. Before doing so, make sure that the new weatherstripping is clean.

As for preserving the new seals, regular maintenance is important. Clean the weather stripping using a sponge dipped in clean, soapy water. Wipe away all traces of dirt, dust, and everything that may cause the rubber to dry out. You must also apply a lubricant, preferably grease-based, and make sure it covers everything.

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