Cherry Picker Hire Tauranga – A Few Safety Tips For Operating A Cherry Picker

Monday 27 March 2017, 6:09PM
By Cherry Picker Services


There is no doubt that cherry pickers are incredibly useful. Whether it’s for mending broken power lines, cleaning places high above the ground, or even picking fruits (i.e. cherries), opting for cherry picker hire in Tauranga is probably the safer option compared to a ladder. But then, operating such a machine requires knowledge of safety tips.

First off, determine whether the machine will be used outside or inside. If you’re using it outside, you must make sure that there’s enough space for the machine to operate. Also, the quality of the surface on which the equipment will stand on is a top priority. For instance, a sloping surface requires that you consider the machine’s stability. The same thing goes for rugged or uneven ground. If there’s a lot of groundwater; the ground may give way to the cherry picker’s weight. For this issue, a picker with outriggers can spread the load evenly on the unstable surface.

Second, using a cherry picker inside a building requires careful consideration of ventilation. As you look at cherry pickers for rent, choose an electric-powered lifter if there is one. This prevents the cherry picker from choking up the interior with fumes. Or if that’s not a choice, just make sure that the place has enough vents to route the fumes out.

Third, when you’re already up on the platform, do not lean out. The cherry picker’s arm is designed to move and help you reach far0off places. Use the machine’s articulation to your advantage. Many of the accidents while using cherry pickers are falls. Stay within the platform’s parameters, and if there’s a harness, don’t test its limits.

Fourth and last, check and double check above and below, especially above where you’re supposed to work. Ensure that there are no obstructions of any kind. Anything that can hinder the cherry picker’s arm is potentially dangerous, especially if they include power lines and other volatile things. Below, make sure that the cherry picker’s weight is evenly distributed on the ground. Any imbalance might cause the machine to tip over.

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