Whip Your Party Platters into Shape with new Lisa's Whipped Dips!

Friday 28 April 2017, 10:40AM
By Impact PR

If your home is the life of the party and dips are a non-negotiable on your party platters, whip your entertaining skills into shape with the premium taste experience of new Lisa’s Deliciously Whipped Dips!

Luxurious, light and deliciously airy, new Lisa’s Whipped Dips are the perfect go-to for any gathering with friends and family. Made from premium dairy ingredients and full of savoury flavour, these are the next big thing for dip-loving Kiwis!

Gluten free and vegetarian, new Lisa’s Deliciously Whipped Dips are available in three tempting flavours to suit your party style. Opt for a party pleaser with Sweet Chilli Peppers & Roasted Capsicums, embrace rich, tasty goodness with Vintage Cheddar, Caramelised Onion & Thyme and dip into a little luxury with Beetroot, Pomegranate & Fresh Mint (RRP $5.29).

Even better, the unique light and airy texture of new Lisa’s Deliciously Whipped Dips means that you won’t break your chips or crackers when you dip them – genius!

Two years in the making, the innovative technology used to create new Lisa’s Deliciously Whipped Dips is the first in its kind for the dip market. So when party planning is top of your to-do list, treat your guests to the next big thing in dips.

For more information, visit or ask for them in your local supermarket today.