A Nod Towards Sustainable Land Development

Friday 26 May 2017, 4:12PM
By Cato Bolam Consultants


The number of city construction and urban development efforts continue to grow in the 21st century. Corporations, as well as real estate developers, are always looking for the next piece of land to transform into a state-of-the-art structure or a residential avenue. Despite the profitable potential of taking advantage of space, however, several developers are choosing to take the sustainable route.

Caring for the Environment

There is a misconception that no urban planning developments are environmentally friendly. This is untrue, however.

Cato Bolam has provided environmental consultations for over 1000 projects. They have executed environmental assessments for subdivisions, wetland enhancement recommendations, planting and weed control reports as well as stream ecological valuations (SAV). Their goal was to give ecological advice to engineers and builders about the potential effects of their projects on the environment. 

Abiding by the Law

Another crucial factor in maintaining land planning sustainability is to follow the law. The Resource Management Act 1991 promotes the sustainable supervision of New Zealand’s natural and physical resources, which includes land.

Resource Content Applications services from Cato Bolam ensure that companies consider the law on sustainability when it comes to construction. The company’s planners guide clients in compiling resource content applications, liaising with council officers and presenting evidence at the Environment Court hearings, if necessary.

Lending a Hand

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Cato Bolam has helped companies develop land in ecologically friendly ways. They offer consultation services and employ well-trained land surveyors to direct their clients into making environmentally conscious decisions with their developments.

Cato Bolam is a team of problem solvers: surveyors, engineers, planners and ecologists. Their company aims to offer their clients the best value with the least risks using their passion for land development. For a comprehensive environmental assessment for your land development project, email Cato Bolam at or visit their website for more details.