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Police and Community Board Team Up To Tackle Traffic Law Breakers

Tuesday 20 June 2017, 9:29PM
By RedPR


Concerns from parents about red light running threatening the safety of St Albans schoolchildren are being addressed by the Papanui Innes Community Board and local police.

Four members of the Papanui Community Servicespolice team monitored the busy Cranford / Westminster Street intersection last Friday 16 June, issuing 20 tickets in an hour.

17 were traffic light offences and one ticket each was issued for no seatbelt, cell phone use and out of date diesel mileage.

Papanui Innes Community Board Chair, Ali Jones, says she raised the issue with police on the Thursday and they had staff at the problem traffic lights the next morning. Two board members were also present.

“Emma Norrish and Jo Byrne met with a concerned mum who brought the issue to our attention on Thursday and I contacted the Papanui Police straight away. The police will undertake similar “stings” in the coming days and weeks.”

Jones says she recently attended a meeting at Shirley Primary School with council staff, the school co-principals and police to address similar concerns regarding Shirley Road, outside the school. Positive outcomes from that meeting included a request for a “corridor safety audit” to be completed by council staff, looking at the traffic along Shirley Road from Hills to Marshland Road. The major problem there is red light running too.

“Do people not know there are children in these areas, using the crossings? Do they know and don’t care? We have to change this behaviour for the sake of the safety of our children and communities,” says Jones.

The Papanui Innes Community Board will continue to actively address these traffic issues and encourage residents with concerns to contact them.