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Quality In-House Massage Service Now Available At Ventura Inn & Suites Hotel in Hamilton CREDIT: Media PA

Quality In-House Massage Service Now Available At Ventura Inn & Suites Hotel in Hamilton
Monday 17 July 2017, 12:12PM
By Media PA

There is nothing better than getting a nice relaxing massage after a long and tiring journey. The newly renovated Ventura Inn & Suites hotel in Hamilton, is now offering their guests a relaxing and rejuvenating in-house massage service.

Six Sense Massages will be operating on an as-needed basis from the Ventura Inn & Suites.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our guests’ Ventura Inn & Suites experience. We want their stay as comfortable and fulfilling as possible,” says Ventura Inn & Suites owner Kenneth Mitchell. 

Originally from France. Roxane Josse is a Senior Massage Therapist at Six Sense Massages who specializes in Deep Relaxation Massage. “I have learned massage in New Zealand and have a real passion for helping people finding their wellbeing state,” says Roxy.  Roxy also specialises in healing massage, sports massage and  back straightening massage

Krish Von Roy Reddy is a Senior Massage Therapist at Six Sense Massages and has done training in Southern France, India, Australia, New Zealand and has more than 10  years’ experience in massage. Krish has also worked around the world gaining a high level of knowledge and understanding of different techniques.

Krish has trained in and can perform deep tissue, relaxation massage, healing massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, pressure point relief massage, muscle manipulation massage, hot oil/wax massage, back straightening and body scrubs.

“Let's have a chat and find out what would work best for you!” says Roxy. Text 0279602156 to make a booking.


Six Sense Massage at Ventura Inn & Suites

Healing Massage

A very slow and soft massage to relax and heal body and mind

Relaxation Massage

A medium pressure massage to relax - full body

Sports Massage

A stronger massage to help relieve tension due to sport, work, stress or simply busy lifestyle - full body - ask your therapist if you want to spend more of the massage time in one specific area

Back straightening Massage

A medium to strong massage, help to relieve sore back neck and shoulders - half body massage

30 minutes Massage -$29

Back neck and shoulders OR legs and feet

60 minutes Massage -$55

Full body (excepted for the back-straightening massage)

90 minutes Massage -$99

Full body- available for Healing and Relaxation Massages only.


Contact Ventura Inn & Suites:

Ventura Inn & Suites Hamilton

23 Clarence St​, Hamilton

Ph: +64 7 838 0110





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