How to Fold Up a Metal Dog Cage?

Wednesday 2 August 2017, 6:48PM

How to Fold Up a Metal Dog Cage:  Step-By-Step Instructions

Folding up a metal dog cage is a problem that many of you might have to encounter if you are planning to travel with your dog. Now-a-days many hotels require their guests to keep the dog in a crate when they are not in the room with him.

If you plan to buy a cage for your dog then Metal dog cages are the best. They not only provide plenty of ventilation, but also a safe environment for your dog. Moreover, these cages are collapsible which makes them very convenient to carry. They can be folded easily when not in use. You can slide it under a bed or make it stand at the back of a closet.

There is a variety of dog cages available in the market and almost as many folding mechanisms. However, metal dog cage is the most common collapsible cage. Because of its versatility, it is the most purchased of all dog cages. One thing that is very good about these cages is that no matter what their size is or what company they have been manufactured by, the folding process is the same. You will not have to buy any additional tools because most of them can be handled with the existing clasps. You just have to read the instruction manual to see if the folding process is panel specific. Some of the metal dog cages have a particular order in which the sides have to be folded.

Detailed systematic instructions to fold a metal dog crate are given below:


Step 1
First of all, you need to empty the cage of all items that you or your dog placed inside it e.g., blankets, toys or food and water bowls. If you leave anything in the cage, it will not collapse. Once you have removed these items then you will have to remove the bottom liner as well. To remove it you have to slide it out from a small opening, at the bottom of the cage, where it was inserted in the first place.


Step 2
After the bottom liner has been removed. You have to close all the cage doors. This includes the front door and any other side openings.
Make sure that the doors are latched fully using the provided clasps. The cage will not clasp properly if the door or the openings are not closed or latched securely.

Step 3

Now that you have closed all the doors, you need to fold down one short side. For this purpose, you need to find two wire tabs that secure the side panel on one of the short sides of the cage. In order to release the grip of these wire tabs on the top wire of the cage, press down on the metal cage between these two tabs. Now to unlatch the side of the cage you will have to pull the side toward you until the side unlocks. By lifting gently on the top panel, you can fold the entire side of the cage down to the floor. Now repeat the unlatching process to fold the other end of the cage as well.

After the sides have been unlatched, you now have to fold the body of the cage. For this purpose, you have to release both ends, push the metal cage to one side so that it flattens itself against the floor. To keep the cage from unfolding during storage or transport, fold the top part of the cage that is lying off to the side back onto the cage’s body and latch it.

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